Our Rules
Our rules are pretty simple: Don't be a dick.

1. Respect all members

No starting drama or trolling
No personal insults or personal vendettas

No harassment

No hateful bashing

2. No street racing posts

We do not allow ANY posts regarding street racing,

or any other reckless behavior in public.

No videos of you "testing your tune", or a "spirited start in Mexico"

No posts about how you "pulled on a mustang"

If you street race, you're an idiot, and you're not welcome here.

Your posts will be removed without warning, and repeated offenses will get you removed. 

3. No Buy/Sell/Trade posts 

We do not allow any posts here regarding buying, selling, or trading goods/services.

If you have automotive related items to sell, please post them in the KOK5O Classifieds:

4. No spamming

We always encourage people to share cool links, videos, pictures, or stories regarding their K5 Optima.

However, this group does not exist solely for you to try and push your business.

This is a community of folks sharing a common interest, we aren't just potential customers waiting to be bombarded with unwanted advertisements when they join. Please respect that, and read below:


We’ve always been a fan of having great support for a platform, so the more the merrier. We don't care which vendor sells what in here, just don't clutter the group. No spam posts, no posting up on new member posts to try and get sales when unnecessary.

There's only two times a vendor should actively make a post:
- For a new item or sale they want to announce
- If someone asks for input, opinion, advice, etc.

However, we recognize that our vendors are community members too, so you are allowed to partake in conversations from a personal standpoint. Please keep the sales separate.